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Live fully, Eat heartily,
Kiss tightly.


Our Story

Handcrafted, delicious quiches & tarts, tasting a lot like home.

There is truly something delicious for every occasion. Our artisanal quiches and tarts are handmade daily from an intimate kitchen with only the best picked ingredients and loving hands. Founded by a French cuisine chef, Matt aspires to bring together beautiful flavours on a buttery crust for the enjoyment at home or somewhere nice. "Good food and music bring people together; I am happy devoting my life in making one of them" says the chef." With that, we hope you have been living fully, eating heartily and kissing tightly. Till we all meet someday, somehow, please take care wherever you are!

Our story



The Limelight

Quality Ingredients

Specially handpicked with love.

Freshly Baked Daily

Make your choice and we bake the joy.

Order on the go

Click to key your order or ring to begin.

Doorstep delivery

Kiss while we send the quiche.

Organic Vegetables

The Secret Ingredient is LOVE

There is no secret in our kitchen really! Kiss the chef and you will find love in the food!

Chef Preparing Food

Quiche & Tell

Never ever kiss and tell but when you quiche you should always tell. Happiness is like a kiss of deliciousness motivating the spread of love!

Bundle Deals

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Bacon & Mushroom


"My friends  loved it. The taste is good!"

Eunice N

July 2021

Nonya Curry

"Hi morning! Thank you so much, they loved it

Jenessa S

August 2021

Spinach & Cheese

"Good morning, the quiche was absolutely fantastic and so delicious! The filling was not 'eggy' and the pastry was crunchy just as it should be and not soft. Very impressed. "


June 2022

Mushroom & 3 Cheese


"The quiche is absolutely delicious. My family n I really enjoyed it. I sent u a whatsapp to say the same ."

Reeny K

July 2020

Raspberry Rush

"So pretty and yummy!  We like that it has a balance of sour and sweet!"

Noah H

July 2022

Turkey Ham Carbonara

"All tasted delicious but i like the turkey ham the best. Aromatic!"

Andrew L

Sept 2021

Granpa's Apple

"The apple tart tasted really nice man. It's beautiful thank you!"

Ben J.L

August 2021

Mango & Raspberry

"The  mango is so fresh and the tart is very balanced! Good job Chef!"

Michael K

June 2022